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Tired of competing with endless queues of average people on regular dating apps?

Meet Priority.Dating, the dating app for exclusive people. Used by the most desired women and the most eligible men, Priority.Dating lets you connect quickly with a match worthy of your status.

Filters out average people
98% average response rate
Used only by the most desired people
For top models and billionaires
only four steps
How it works
Messages use credits, so the girls get a small incentive to reply. This ensure that you’ll get her attention out from the thousands of other messages she receives daily from other apps.
Dinner invitations also use credits. Small enough that the girl won’t feel that she owes you anything in return, but big enough that she knows you are serious about meeting with her.
This is where the financial part stops. Priority.Dating fast-tracks you to a first meeting. Past this point, it’s all your charms.
And live happily ever after ;-)
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Frequently asked questions

We hope that we will answer any of your questions in this block, but if you do not find what you need, we will answer you in person

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Q: Who can register on is an exclusive club of exceptionally beautiful girls and successful men.
Q: How much does it cost?
For women, the application is free, you just need to be accepted by our screening process. For Men, there is a mandatory 50€ entrance fee, and an optional 10€/month for elite status.
Q: Can I register without paying the entrance fee?
No. is an exclusive club of like-minded successful people. If spending 50€ makes you pause, you probably don’t belong here.
Q: Can any girl post a profile on
No. is an exclusive club of like-minded successful people. If spending 50€ makes you pause, you probably don’t belong here.
Q: what is needed to register?
All you need is a social account (facebook, Instagram) or an email, to identify yourself.
Q: I don’t want people to see me on the website?
You can buy the “incognito” option when you register, that will remove you from all the listings, and make your profile visible only to people you specifically contacted first.
Q: How do I contact a member I’d like to meet?
Once you find someone you’d like to invite, you can make a bid offer to take her out. Look on the girl’s calendar if she’s available for a dinner on the date you wanted, and enter the amount you’re ready to spend to get this date. Other people can bid too on this date, and within 60 minutes of your offer, the girl will either accept or decline your offer.
Q: Can I take a girl on a date without bidding?
No. The bidding process helps ensure that everyone is serious into going to this meeting, and avoid the usual “mass-winks” that plague other regular dating apps.
Q: Do I have to pay anything more during the date?
Certainly not. If any girl ask you for some money during the date, please inform us immediately. Priority.Dating has a zero tolerance for prostitution and escorts. Our members are just looking for normal people to meet, date, and more if affinity, but without any money involved except the initial bid for the date that helps ensure that everybody involved is serious about dating. (of course you still have to pay for the dinner)

Just one step separates you from an unforgettable evening.